Welcome to Island eXplorer!


The weekend of september 24-25 2016, we’re welcoming you back to the 9th edition of the adventure race in, what we believe to be the best AR-terrain in Denmark!

There will be steep cliffs, deep forests, open farmland, beaches and hopefully a little sun, so that the island can live up to it’s name as the sunshine island!

The race has an XPD light course, with an expected winning time of 14-15 hours, and a Challenge-course with an expected winning time of approximately 8 hours.

See you in september!

Find more updates and pictures here: www.facebook.com/IEXBornholm.

XPD Light unfortunately cancelled

Due to too few teams, we have unfortunately had to cancel this year’s XPD light distance.

With only five registered teams our experience is, that you, as participants will not get as good a race, as you deserve, and in addition it will be a lot of logistics and planning from our side.

Unfortunately, it is a trend that seems to be in Denmark, and to some extent also abroad. We do not know why it happens, but we love the longer races, and to be allowed to show you so many little hidden parts of Bornholm as possible. So the possibility for longer races on Bornholm is certainly not dead, but for this year it is put on hold.

The registered XPD Light teams have received an e-mail with information about this and luckily most have chosen to run the Challenge-distance instead. So now we are using all our energy to make a really great Challenge race for you! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dates and distances for 2016!

You have been waiting patiently and NOW we’re able to bring you the first details regarding this year’s Island Explorer!

While some of you are preparing to start the season, we’re offering a late-summer season ending on Bornholm!

Hold off the weekend of september 24-25, and finish off the season in style with one of two distances:

Challenge – expected winning time 8 hours
XPD light – expected winning time 14-16 hours

Kayak rules updated.

The rules regarding kayak options have been updated.
Ocean kayaks and surfskis are allowed.

It is important however to note, that the kayak stages are designed with ocean kayaks in mind.

This means that:

  1. All team members must be able to paddle safely on open water.
  2. There will be paddling along cliffs, i.e. irregular reflex waves might occur.
  3. A potential change/cancellation of a kayak stage will be determined based on the seaworthyness of ocean kayaks.
    IEX has a tradition to complete kayak stages despite relatively rough weather.
  4. It will be necessary to bring backpacks + a bike helmet in the kayaks.
  5. The paddling will only to a very limited degree be along sandy beaches, where a portage is possible.

Our reason for this decision is, that while surfskis are more unstable than ocean kayaks, they are easier to remount.
The waters around Bornholm are rarely flat, and a potential time-gain a surfski would yield on flat water is quickly lost in waves.
Based on this, we recommend, despite paddling surfskis ourselves, ocean kayaks for IEX, since a potential time gain is quickly lost in most normal conditions.

Front page material!

Read about our vision for Island eXplorer and the Outdoor Training Magazineadventure race sport in general in the June/July issue of the Danish magazine Outdoor Training. You can read about why you can look forward to a great race with lots of adventures – and if you are not already a contestant you can read a bout why you should be.

“An adventure race should be an unique experience and an adventure. Even people, who have done the race before should have as many new experiences as possible – and the contestants should experience places, you don’t find in the guidebooks!”

Outdoor Training MagazineAnd then there is a lot of interesseting reading for all you adventure race and outdoor fans.


We haveEaster teaser found a stretch, where we can guarantee that no adventure racer or tourist has been before, most likely only the landowners, deer, hares an pheasants had been there before I tested the stretch today!

Race HQ for Island Explorer 2015

The race headquarters for Island eXplorer 2015 will be Lyngholt Familiecamping, at Allinge on northern Bornholm. It is near Slotslyngen, a unique area withLyngholt camping forests, cliffs, heather – and there is a brand new orienteering map of the area as well!
We have negotiated a special price for you to p
itch a tent, and if you’re more luxurious, it is posible to rent caravans. More info here (only in Danish and German): http://www.lyngholt-camping.dk.